Do Not Feed The Seagulls

Feeding seagulls can cause them to become dependent on human food, which can lead to malnutrition and illness. Furthermore, seagulls may become more aggressive towards humans in search of food, posing a potential danger. Additionally, human food can upset the natural balance of a seagull’s diet, leading to ecological damage. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid feeding seagulls and instead let them find their own food sources in their natural environment.

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Trucks Trucks Trucks

This picture book has 31 trucks in total, they are as follows: Forklift, Excavator, Bulldozer Dump Truck, Cement Mixer, Tanker Truck, Pickup Truck, Tow Truck, Fire Engine, Car Carrier, Monster Truck, Skidsteer, Garbage Truck, Road Roller, Trencher, Water Tanker, Feller Buncher, Bucket Truck, Flatbed Truck, Soil Compactor, Frontend Loader, Road Grader, Box Truck, Tractor Trailer…

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ABC Dinosaurs

An Exciting Journey Through the Alphabet with Prehistoric Creatures is a delightful children’s book that makes learning the alphabet fun and engaging with the help of dinosaurs!

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ABC Amazing Animals

Are you tired of seeing the same old animals over and over again in children’s books? ABC Amazing Animals has a mixture of commercial and other animals that even you would be amazed they existed. Learn the ABCs with the visuals of some amazing and cute animals.

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Everything Orange

Is orange the favorite color of someone you know? Here is a list of all things that are orange! A picture book with has orange birds, animals. fruits , veggies and other things.

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The Little Shoebill

  The Shoebill is not a very known bird and it is critically endangered . This children’s book about the shoebill is to spread awareness of this pre-historic creature and save it from extinction.

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