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Different Packages for customized needs

Package # 1

Bringing your character to life

If you have an idea what the character or characters of your book should look like, we have a team which would bring that to life. This is the a very good starting point for your children’s book.

For example:

Our team brought  an idea of “The Blue woodpecker” to life 

This is another example, where we brought the beautiful Shoebill bird to life, along with his friends.

Package # 2

Illustrations - Picture Books

After you’re done with your characters, either you write a storyline or just create a picture book. The not so complicated option is picture book, where you have the picture on the right and text on the left. 

Here is an example:

Package # 3

Create A Book Cover

Whether you’re done with your children’s book or just started to write it, a catchy book cover is very important.  Package # 3 included the front and back of the book cover of your size.


Package # 4


Editing the words of your children’s books is one of the most important things.  We check for grammar & spelling mistakes. 

Package # 5

Illustrations with settings

This package includes includes creating a page to page setting. For example, where would your character be? In a jungle, in the city, under water , in the sky and the list goes on. Detailed information about the setting on per page basis.


The below example setting is on a Twisted Oak tree and the woodpecker is picking on it. This is one page.

Package # 6

The Full Package

In this package, you just sit back a relax while we do all the work for you. All my team would need is your idea and we will transform that in a children’s book. 

We will take your idea and 

  1. Create your character
  2. Make it a full fledge story
  3. Create other characters (if needed) 
  4. Put in the dialogues
  5. Editing

And give you the finished product in your book size

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