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Writing Tips

So, you decided to write a children’s book? Here are some tips to get yourself through this process.

Concentrate on one book at a time

Many writers find themselves wandering from one wonderland to the other. The first most important thing while writing a children’s book is to stick to that one book. Writers may have 1000 other ideas, but those other ideas can wait. The mind wanders around, but you need to make sure to concentrate on that one book only.

Take a break

Sometimes, when you write, words come to you quickly. Each sentence flawlessness leads to the other. You smile and you think, I am going to finish this book quicker than expected. And then comes WHAM, along comes the writer’s block. When this happens, the only one-way escape from a writer’s block, is to step way and take a break.


A theme is a very important for a children’s book. You need to give the book a setting or an ambiance for the readers. Picking a theme is very important, because there are high changes of readers who are search for your particular theme might end up buying your book.

Morale of the story

In recent times, the morale of the story concept books is dying which is very disappointing.  If you want to be a good author specifically for a children’s book, you need to have a morale in the book you’re writing, otherwise your book is completely useless.


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