Aldabra giant tortoise

The Aldabra giant tortoise is one of the largest tortoise species in the world, characterized by its impressive size, domed shell, and wrinkled skin. Native to the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles archipelago, these tortoises have been introduced to other locations as well.

The Aldabra giant tortoise distribution by country:

  1. Seychelles: The Aldabra giant tortoise is endemic to the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles. This remote coral island is home to the largest population of these tortoises, where they inhabit various habitats ranging from coastal areas to inland forests.
  2. Mauritius: Aldabra giant tortoises have been introduced to some islands in Mauritius, primarily for conservation purposes. They can be found in certain protected areas and nature reserves.
  3. Réunion: Similar to Mauritius, Aldabra giant tortoises have been introduced to Réunion Island, another island in the Indian Ocean. They are usually found in captive facilities or designated areas within nature reserves.
  4. Other Countries: While not as common, Aldabra giant tortoises may be found in captivity in zoos and wildlife parks around the world. These captive populations serve educational and conservation purposes, helping to raise awareness about the species and its conservation needs.

Aldabra giant tortoises are herbivores, feeding on various vegetation such as grasses, leaves, and fruits. They are known for their longevity, with some individuals living well over 100 years. Despite their resilience, Aldabra giant tortoises face threats from habitat loss, introduced predators, and human activities. Conservation efforts, including habitat protection and captive breeding programs, aim to safeguard the future of these iconic tortoises.

Aldabra giant tortoise in Zoos

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