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Honk Honk, Said The Goose

By Marigold McDonald

Honk Honk, Said The Goose

A goose, a cow, a frog, a sheep, a tiger , a duck, a lion, a monkey …. all having conversations with each other. Learn animal sounds made by 21 different animals.

Truck Truck Trucks

By Upton van Wainwright

Trucks Trucks Trucks

This picture book has 31 trucks in total, they are as follows: Forklift Excavator Bulldozer Dump Truck Cement Mixer Tanker Truck Pickup Truck Tow Truck Fire Engine Car Carrier Monster Truck Skidsteer Garbage Truck Road Roller Trencher Water Tanker Feller Buncher Bucket Truck Flatbed Truck Soil Compactor Frontend Loader Road Grader Box Truck Tractor Trailer Wrecking Ball Mail Truck Crane

A to Z Rock Bands

By Lars Tilbrook

A to Z Rock Bands: ABC Rock Bands With Phonics Sounds

Learn the ABC with a mix of Rock n Roll twist. Classic rock bands from Fleetwood Mac to grunge outfits Nirvana. This A to Z book has a variety of rock bands from Australia, England, USA, Sweden, West Germany and Ireland. This is a perfect baby book, if you listen to rock music and want to pass that knowledge to the next generation.

46 Presidents and Their Greatest Achievements

By Fay Fillmore

George Washington to Joe Biden. A list of the greatest achievements of all 46 presidents in a picture format.

46 Presidents and Their Greatest Achievements

Land of the Festivals

By Kumar Keswani

India is the world’s most diverse country with a vibrant culture and rich traditions. The numerous and varied festivals that are held throughout the year offer a unique way of seeing Indian culture at its best. This book provides a brief introduction on the most famous festivals celebrated across the country throughout the year with its significance and the attractions.

The Blue Woodpecker

By Zoey Cuppino

A blue woodpecker is searching for a place to build his new home, but every tree he pecks is taken! A squirrel owns the oak tree, a chameleon claims the thick red maple, a raccoon slumbers in the soft birch, and a barrel of monkeys crawl through the twisting trunks of a Banyan. No one wants to share their home. As the stars begin to twinkle, the woodpecker races against the sunset to find the perfect place to build his nest.

The Little Shoebill

By Kabaso Kampamba

The Shoebill is not a very known bird and it is critically endangered . This children’s book about the shoebill is to spread awareness of this pre-historic creature and save it from extinction.

What Is The Capital Of?

By Fay Fillmore

Every state in the United States has its own capital city. Learn the capitals for all 50 states, in a picture format.

U.S. State Nicknames

By Fay Fillmore

Every state in the U.S. has a nickname and history attached to it. Learn about the 50 states and their nicknames in a picture format.

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