Andean condor

The Andean condor is a majestic and iconic bird of prey that inhabits the Andes Mountains of South America.

The Andean condor distribution by country:

  1. Argentina: Andean condors are found throughout much of Argentina, particularly in the Andean region along the western border of the country. They inhabit high-altitude areas such as the Andean foothills, mountain ranges, and deep valleys.
  2. Chile: Andean condors are also native to Chile, where they are found in the Andes Mountains that run along the eastern border of the country. They inhabit regions such as the Atacama Desert, Patagonia, and the Andean highlands.
  3. Peru: In Peru, Andean condors are found in the Andes Mountains and other high-altitude areas. They can be spotted in regions such as the Colca Canyon, the Sacred Valley, and the Cordillera Blanca.
  4. Ecuador: Andean condors inhabit parts of Ecuador, particularly in the Andean highlands and mountainous regions. They are often seen in areas such as the Cotopaxi National Park, Cayambe-Coca National Park, and the Antisana Ecological Reserve.
  5. Bolivia: Andean condors are native to Bolivia, where they are found in the Andean mountain range and other high-altitude habitats. They inhabit regions such as the Cordillera Real, Cordillera Occidental, and the Altiplano plateau.
  6. Colombia: Andean condors are also found in Colombia, particularly in the Andes Mountains and the páramo ecosystems of the country. They can be spotted in regions such as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, and the Puracé National Natural Park.

Andean condors are known for their immense size, with wingspans that can exceed three meters (ten feet), making them one of the largest flying birds in the world. They are primarily scavengers, feeding on carrion and carcasses of large animals, but they are also capable of hunting small prey. Andean condors are culturally significant to many indigenous peoples of the Andes and are considered symbols of power and freedom.

Andean condor in Zoos

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