Chinchillas are small, nocturnal rodents native to the Andes Mountains region of South America. Here’s a description of their distribution:

  1. Chile: Chinchillas are native to the Andes Mountains of Chile, where they inhabit rocky, high-altitude regions. They are found in the northern part of the country, particularly in the regions of Antofagasta, Atacama, Coquimbo, and Valparaíso.
  2. Peru: Chinchillas are also native to certain parts of Peru, particularly in the central and southern regions of the country. They are found in the Andes Mountains, including areas such as the Ancash, Arequipa, and Huancavelica regions.

In their natural habitat, chinchillas live in colonies in rocky crevices and burrows, where they are well-adapted to the cold and arid conditions of high altitudes. They are known for their incredibly soft and dense fur, which has made them targets for the fur trade. As a result, wild chinchilla populations have declined significantly, and they are now considered endangered in their natural habitat.

Chinchillas have also been introduced to various other countries, including the United States, where they are kept as pets or raised in captivity for their fur. However, wild populations outside of their native range are rare, and efforts to conserve and protect wild chinchilla populations in Chile and Peru are ongoing.

Chinchilla in Zoos

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