Cuban amazon

The Cuban Amazon, scientifically known as Amazona leucocephala, is a species of parrot native to Cuba and nearby islands in the Caribbean. Here’s a description of its distribution:

  1. Cuba: The Cuban Amazon is endemic to the island of Cuba, where it is found in various habitats across the country, including forests, woodlands, mangroves, and agricultural areas. They are distributed throughout the main island of Cuba and its surrounding smaller islands.

The Cuban Amazon is a medium-sized parrot with predominantly green plumage, a white forehead, and a red patch on the crown of its head. They are known for their loud and raucous calls, especially during the morning and evening hours.

Despite being native to Cuba, the Cuban Amazon is listed as critically endangered due to habitat loss, deforestation, and illegal trapping for the pet trade. Conservation efforts are underway to protect remaining populations and their habitats, including the establishment of protected areas and captive breeding programs.

Cuban amazon in Zoos

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