East Javan langur

The East Javan langur, also known as the Javan langur or Javan lutung, is a species of Old World monkey native to the island of Java in Indonesia. Here’s a description of its distribution:

  1. Indonesia: The East Javan langur is endemic to Java, the most populous island in Indonesia. Within Java, they are primarily found in forested areas, including tropical rainforests, montane forests, and mangrove forests.

East Javan langurs have a distinctive appearance, with black fur covering most of their bodies, while their faces, hands, and feet are often a contrasting color, such as yellow, orange, or white. They are arboreal, spending most of their time in the trees, where they forage for leaves, fruits, flowers, and occasionally insects.

Despite being native to Java, East Javan langurs face threats from habitat loss and fragmentation due to deforestation, agricultural expansion, and urbanization. They are also sometimes hunted for their meat or captured for the pet trade, although both activities are illegal under Indonesian law. Conservation efforts are underway to protect remaining populations and their habitats, including the establishment of protected areas and community-based conservation initiatives.

East Javan langur in Zoos

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