The gelada, scientifically known as Theropithecus gelada, is a species of Old World monkey native to the Ethiopian Highlands in East Africa. Here’s a description of its distribution by country:

  1. Ethiopia: Geladas are found exclusively in the Ethiopian Highlands, particularly in the grasslands and alpine meadows of the central and northern parts of the country. They inhabit areas with elevations ranging from 1,800 to 4,400 meters (5,900 to 14,400 feet).

Geladas are highly adapted to their mountainous habitat, with thick fur to withstand cold temperatures and specialized dentition for feeding on grasses. They are known for their distinctive appearance, including a fur-covered face, hourglass-shaped patch of bare skin on their chest, and a long, flowing mane of hair.

Despite their limited distribution, geladas are not considered endangered. However, they face threats from habitat degradation due to human activities such as agriculture and livestock grazing. Conservation efforts focus on protecting their remaining habitats and raising awareness about the importance of preserving these unique monkeys.

Gelada in Zoos

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