Indian peafowl

Indian peafowl

Indian peafowl a.k.a peahen

The Indian peafowl is best known for its extravagant plumage, particularly the striking iridescent blue and green “eye” markings on its long tail feathers. The male, known as a peacock, boasts these vibrant feathers which are displayed in a fan-like pattern during courtship rituals to attract females. The rest of the body is predominantly blue with a metallic sheen. The female, known as a peahen, is less colorful with a predominantly brown plumage, allowing her to blend into her surroundings for protection.

Both males and females have a crest on their heads and a bare patch of skin around their eyes, which is typically blue in males and brown in females. They have strong legs for running and scratching for food, and their diet consists mainly of grains, seeds, insects, and small reptiles.

Countries where they are found:

  1. India: As their name suggests, Indian peafowls are native to India and are found throughout the country, particularly in forested areas, grasslands, and agricultural regions.
  2. Sri Lanka: They are also native to Sri Lanka, where they inhabit a variety of habitats including forests, scrublands, and cultivated areas.
  3. Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh: Indian peafowls are also found in these neighboring countries where suitable habitat is available.
  4. Introduced populations: Indian peafowls have been introduced to many other parts of the world, including the United States, Australia, and parts of Europe, primarily for ornamental purposes. However, they are most abundant and thrive in their native range in the Indian subcontinent.

Indian peafowl in Zoos

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