Izu Shaboten Zoo

Located in Izu, Japan, Izu Shaboten Zoo is a must-visit location for animal lovers. The zoo is home to a wide range of exotic animals, including capybaras, meerkats, and kangaroos. One of the zoo’s main attractions is its collection of over a hundred varieties of cacti and other succulent plants. Visitors can also enjoy hands-on experiences such as feeding and petting animals. The zoo is open year-round, making it a perfect family outing any time of the year.

The last youtube video posted in 2019 shows a 50 year old Shoebill at the Izu Shaboten Zoo.

Shoebills have a long lifespan compared to other birds. They can live up to 35 to 50 years in the wild and in captivity. However, their biggest threat is habitat loss due to human activities and hunting. Shoebills are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and conservation efforts are being made to protect their natural habitat and prevent their extinction.


1317-13 Futo, Itō,

Shizuoka 413-0231, Japan

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