Japanese macaque

The Japanese macaque, also known as the snow monkey (Macaca fuscata), is a species of monkey native to Japan. Here’s a description of its distribution within the country:

  1. Honshu: Japanese macaques are primarily found on the main island of Honshu, where they inhabit various forested habitats, including deciduous and mixed forests, as well as mountainous regions. They are distributed throughout Honshu, from the northernmost regions of Hokkaido to the southernmost areas of Kyushu.
  2. Hokkaido: Japanese macaques also inhabit the northern island of Hokkaido, particularly in the forested regions of the island. Hokkaido experiences colder temperatures compared to Honshu, and Japanese macaques in this region are known for their adaptations to snowy environments.
  3. Shikoku: Japanese macaques are found on the island of Shikoku, primarily in the mountainous areas and forested regions of the island. They are distributed throughout Shikoku, from the northern to the southern parts of the island.
  4. Kyushu: Japanese macaques inhabit the island of Kyushu, particularly in the forested areas of the island. They are distributed throughout Kyushu, from the northernmost regions to the southernmost areas of the island.

Japanese macaques are highly adaptable primates known for their distinctive red faces and thick fur coats, which provide insulation against cold temperatures. They are known to live in social groups called troops, which can consist of dozens of individuals led by a dominant female.

Despite their widespread distribution within Japan, Japanese macaques face threats from habitat loss, fragmentation, and human-wildlife conflict. Conservation efforts, including the establishment of protected areas and management of human-macaque interactions, are underway to ensure the survival of these iconic primates in their native habitat.

Japanese macaque in Zoos / Sanctuary

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