North American donkeys

Donkeys, also known as asses, are domesticated members of the horse family (Equidae) and are widely distributed across North America, primarily as domestic livestock rather than wild animals. Here’s a description of their presence in various countries:

  1. United States: Donkeys are found throughout the United States, primarily as domesticated animals kept for various purposes such as work, companionship, and livestock guardianship. They are particularly common in rural areas, farms, and ranches across the country. While there are instances of feral donkey populations in certain regions, particularly in the southwestern states such as Arizona, Nevada, and Texas, most donkeys in the United States are domesticated.
  2. Canada: Donkeys are also present in Canada, mainly as domestic animals kept on farms and homesteads. They are found in various provinces across the country, but their numbers are generally lower compared to the United States.

As domesticated animals, donkeys are not typically considered wild or native species in North America. Instead, they have been introduced and bred for specific purposes by humans. However, there are instances of feral donkey populations in certain regions where they have been released or escaped from captivity and established self-sustaining populations. These feral populations are often managed due to concerns about their impacts on native ecosystems and wildlife.

North American donkeys in Zoos

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