Snowy owl

The snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) is a majestic bird of prey native to the Arctic regions of North America and Eurasia. Here’s a description of its distribution by country:

  1. Canada: Snowy owls are most commonly associated with Canada, where they breed in the Arctic tundra during the summer months. They are found across northern Canada, including provinces and territories such as Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and parts of Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland and Labrador.
  2. United States: In the United States, snowy owls are primarily found in Alaska during the breeding season. However, during the winter months, they migrate southward in search of food and are occasionally spotted in other parts of the country, including the northern states bordering Canada and along the Great Lakes.
  3. Greenland: Snowy owls are also found in Greenland, where they breed in the Arctic tundra during the summer months.
  4. Russia: In Eurasia, snowy owls breed in the Arctic regions of Russia, particularly in Siberia and the Russian Far East. They are found across the northernmost parts of the country, including areas within the Arctic Circle.

Snowy owls are well-adapted to their Arctic habitat, with thick plumage that provides insulation against the cold and snowy conditions. They are known for their striking white plumage, which helps camouflage them against the snowy landscape. Snowy owls are powerful hunters, preying primarily on small mammals such as lemmings, voles, and rabbits, as well as birds.

While snowy owls are not considered globally threatened, they face threats from habitat loss, climate change, and human disturbance, particularly during the breeding season. Conservation efforts are underway to protect snowy owl populations and their Arctic habitat, including research to better understand their ecology and migration patterns, as well as measures to mitigate human impacts on nesting sites.

Snowy owl in Zoos

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