Victoria crowned pigeon

The Victoria crowned pigeon (Goura victoria) is a large and spectacular bird species native to New Guinea and surrounding islands. Here’s a description of its distribution:

  1. New Guinea: The Victoria crowned pigeon is found primarily on the island of New Guinea, which is divided between Papua New Guinea to the east and the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua to the west. They inhabit lowland and swamp forests in both the Indonesian and Papua New Guinean parts of the island.
  2. Surrounding Islands: In addition to New Guinea, Victoria crowned pigeons are also found on some nearby islands, including the Aru Islands, which are located to the southwest of New Guinea. They may also occur in other nearby islands within their range.

Victoria crowned pigeons are known for their stunning appearance, characterized by their large size, elegant crest of feathers on their head, and distinctive blue-gray plumage with maroon undertones. They have striking red eyes and a bright red patch of skin around their eyes.

These pigeons are primarily ground-dwelling birds, foraging for seeds, fruits, and small invertebrates on the forest floor. They are generally found in pairs or small family groups, although they may gather in larger flocks at feeding sites or roosting areas.

Victoria crowned pigeons are important seed dispersers in their ecosystems, helping to maintain the health and diversity of the forest by spreading seeds from the fruits they consume.

Despite their relatively limited distribution, Victoria crowned pigeons are not considered endangered. However, they face threats from habitat loss and hunting in some parts of their range. Conservation efforts, including habitat protection and management, are important for ensuring the continued survival of this iconic bird species.

Victoria crowned pigeon in Zoos

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