Mantis are called praying mantis because of their distinctive front legs that are bent and held together as if they are in a praying position. These legs are used for catching prey and holding onto it while the mantis eats. The name “praying” comes from the way the mantis appears to be in a reverent or praying posture. The name “mantis” itself comes from the Greek word for prophet or seer, which may have been given to the insect because of its seemingly otherworldly appearance and behavior.

A mantis is a predatory insect known for its elongated body and spiky forelimbs used for catching and grabbing prey. They are found in most regions of the world and come in a variety of sizes and colors, blending in well with their surroundings. Mantises are skilled hunters, capable of hunting and eating prey much larger than themselves, including other insects, spiders, and even small lizards. Some species of mantis have unique hunting behaviors, such as mimicking flowers or twigs to blend in and ambush their prey. Overall, mantises are fascinating insects with a complex and intriguing life cycle.

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