Teddy and the piggy banks by Ryan Cohen (2022)

Teddy and the piggy banks by Ryan Cohen (2022)

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Ryan Cohen is an author who has burst into the children’s book scene with his “Teddy” series. There are five books in this series; 1. Teddy and the piggy banks, 2. Teddy goes to work, 3. Teddy and the people who make the world go round, 4. Teddy says words can never hurt you and 5. Teddy goes to China.

When it comes to new authors, there are hardly any children’s book which have a moral tied to it, but Ryan Cohen has brought that concept back in the limelight.

Teddy and the Piggy Banks by Ryan Cohen is a charming children’s book that will teach kids about the importance of saving money. The story follows a young bear named Teddy as he sets out to save money for a special toy. Along the way, he learns valuable lessons about patience, responsibility, and the satisfaction of achieving a goal through hard work and dedication. The illustrations are whimsical and engaging, helping young readers stay engaged with the story. Overall, this is a delightful book that parents and children will love reading together.

A must buy for all parents, who want to teach their children to be responsible with money at a very young age.

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